COVID-19 Opening Announcement
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We will ensure the safety of our members by keeping the gym clean and sanitized. We have increased the sanitizing stations throughout the club and will have staff working around the clock cleaning and sanitizing. Posters and flyers will be posted to ensure members adhere to the CDC guidelines. We are asking our members to do the following:


· Wash or sanitize your hands often

· Wipe down equipment after each use

· Give each other space and follow social distancing guidelines

· Most importantly, if you feel sick, have a fever, are coughing, have difficulty breathing, or If in the last two weeks you were in close contact with a person with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, please stay home.


Class Members New Policies and Procedures (When Classes Resume)

*Please bring your own mat

*Towel service is now provided with a class membership. You can pick up and drop off your towel in the class you are attending.

*Upon checking in: Please tell the front desk staff which class you are taking, and we will sign you into class.

*We understand everyone is very excited to come back to classes, but please do not come early and congregate. We are asking that you come on time and leave in a timely manner because of our new sanitizing process between classes.

**Our Class Schedule has been modified, pay close attention…

– the extra time between classes allows for our staff to clean equipment and areas used during class

*Keep in mind that we have decreased the capacity in classes to adhere to the CDC guidelines so please be patient with us as we continue to move forward.


As Always, thank you for your continued support and loyalty!